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Chartreuse Center offers an online platform for quality information in bite-size lessons. Chartreuse Center was founded in 2015 after Julie Blackburn recognized more need in the Chicago suburbs for specialized services for grief, fertility and new parenting issues. Julie's heart is with those that seek quality information, may not be in need of counseling or have some type of barrier have it be work, care-giving or simply lack of specialized services in the area. She understands the need for flexibility in life, and quality information.

These unique programs are research based and developed from years of experience, including frequent discussion points and most effective activities to meet your needs. The programs provide thoughtful and useful tools you can use right away. You will have the opportunity to deepen insight to your life, improve your overall well-being, and strengthen your relationships.

"She understands that everyone moves through and processes in their own way. Her warm and intuitive nature facilitates her ability to cater each session to your specific needs. Julie is absolutely amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her.”

— Autumn

" I hadn't realized what a disconnect I had between my emotions and my body. The art exercises helped me understand. This course also gave me permission to try things differently.”

— Christy J.