Welcome and Handout (for all lessons)

Welcome to the Exploring Fertility complimentary course. I truly believe in giving you information you can use, not just a sales pitch. Who's got the time for that? I certainly don't and I value your time too much.

This course has three lessons:

  1. Prevalence of Fertility Concerns
  2. Grief and Emotions of Fertility
  3. How Fertility Touches Everyday Life

The videos are between 7-11 minutes in length. In full courses, the information is segmented in short 3-7 minute videos and the lessons include an art based, mindful or creative component.

You have a handout of all the slides for you to download. if you like. Watch the videos and answer the lesson question in the comments. It's that easy!

Please look in your email for a survey that will come for you to share your thoughts about the program.

Exploring Fertility Complimentary Course Handout.pdf
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