Grief Experience- Beyond Emotions

You may be surprised… Grief is experienced in many ways.

Emotions are just one way to face grief. Don't be fooled...grief takes many forms and appearances.

You may find you have mental fog, muscle aches, a loss of purpose or discomfort with your friends or family. It’s true. Grief is experienced through mental, physical, spiritual and relational manifestations in addition to emotionally. We all will grieve in our own way... and this is the case for you too.  

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I love this poem from Facing Change (pg. 10) that is an easy read for teens and thought I'd share it with you...


Loss is physical.

It can be felt as an ache in the heart,

a ywning emptiness,

and a lead weight that hampers

each movement.

Loss is emotional.

It is unyielding,

waves of tears

and silent undirected anger.

Loss is mental.

Your mind can be overtaken

by self defeating thought

and a lack of direction.

Loss is spiritual.

You question the meaning of life,

the existence of spirit,

and your own purpose.

Yet it is through loss

that we gain new meanings in life.

By embracing loss,

we align with the rhythms and

cycles of our selves,

outliving, and our world.

by Sydney Barbara Metrick, Crossing The Bridge

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