You've experienced the loss to someone special in your life. Your life is forever changed. I can only imagine your pain. No words I have can take that away.  

I am here to walk beside you, Your Friend in Grief. You will receive weekly emails, that will have a link back to this program. You will get a little bit of information about that week's topic. *You may be prompted to sign-in each week with your email and password, so keep that handy. 

Here are some tips for this program:

You may want to have a designated folder or notebook for the exercises and activities you will complete. Be prepared to download and print handouts or you can simply write in a notebook.

Give the activities a try. You may not be the best drawer... that's okay, I'm not either. You may not love journaling... that's okay, me too. I can tell you that there are a variety of different activities to help you build insight and understanding to help YOU... You won't know what works until you try... Some things will be great, other's won't work for you. It's all part of the process.

Have some drawing materials on hand... crayons, markers, gel pens or colored pencils... something with color. It will be handy throughout the program.

Text that is green is a link that you can follow to learn more information or a useful website so you don't have to go searching.

Expect to learn, feel, remember, and grow. Your grief is a part of you... it's important to understand it and find ways to continue a meaningful connection with your loved one. I never want you to forget your loved one... I want you to find ways to remember that work for you.

Watch the video. The video establishes what you can expect from me over the next weeks.

Here is a Pre-Program Self Assessment for you. This will help you see where you are today. I encourage you to send a copy to yourself and save it to reflect on at the completion of the program.

You have the option to share your thoughts and experiences through the program. You may post and share your experience and observations as well as read through other's responses.

Here are some guidelines and general agreements to keep in mind:

General Program Agreements

  1. I understand that each person’s grief is unique. No two griefs are the same though there may be similarities. Please respect an honor your own and others grief experiences. 
  2. Grief is not a disease, and no “quick-fix” exists for what you are feeling. Each person has their own time and way of grieving.
  3. Feel free to share or NOT share about your grief. The choice is yours. Please share only what you are comfortable sharing with others. Sharing builds the sense of community within the program. It is not required to respond to the activity comments. You may feel more comfortable watching the videos and completing the activities on your own. The program and commenting within the program platform community is for you to utilize for your growth in your grief.
  4. Thoughts, feelings and experiences shared in this group will stay in this group. Respect others’ right to confidentiality. Do not use names of fellow participants in discussions outside of the program. 
  5. The program offers 52 lessons of information. You may take a break and resume the program at your own discretion. The program will continue to be available for you to revisit topics as you face grief experiences.
  6. Avoid “advice giving” unless it is specifically requested by a group member. If a group member poses a question, share ideas that helped you if you experienced a similar situation. Remember that this group is for support, not therapy.
  7. Recognize that thoughts and feelings are neither right nor wrong. Outside of hurt to self or others, you cannot grieve any other way than your way.
  8. Create an atmosphere of willing, invited sharing. Share if you life, remain quiet if you like. Your choice is respected.

Adapted from Alan Wolfelt

Special NOTES: Bullying, personal attacks, harassment, trolling and hate speech directed toward another griever will not be tolerated.

  • The first offense will have the note/comment removed from the platform with an email notification
  • The second offense will have the offender removed from the program with an email notification.

Additionally, this is NOT a political forum or space for your advertising. All political or self promotion/advertising posts will be removed.

Thank you for allowing me into your life at this time of mourning.

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